Bank Chooses to Use Google Cloud Services

This week Google has announced what could be considered as a breakthrough agreement for its cloud computing services. Spanish bank BBVA has signed an agreement to use Google cloud services internally for its 110,000 staff. This is the biggest single company deal Google has signed. The deal can be considered as a breakthrough because of the high security and regulatory requirements.

it is interesting to consider the details of this deal. The headlines of a bank making use of cloud computing are attention grabbing for sure, but closer examination of the details are required. What services are being signed up for and what information will be stored in the cloud – customer details, account details ? Anyone with a working knowledge of Googles cloud services will be aware that their core cloud offering is productivity applications delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). This is not something that user accounts or details could/would be migrated too. BBVA has said the SaaS of Google will be used internally for staff communication. All customer details will be kept in BBVA’s data centres. The main motivation for adopting Googles services is to have the company working better together internally through increased collaboration through tools such as chat, shared calendars, video conferencing etc.The aim is that this will increase productivity and innovation. Another driver to this cloud adoption has been the increasing mobility of the banks staff and the access from any where offered by SaaS supports this.

This deal is an excellent for both organisations I believe. BBVA have adopted cloud computing in an area that can significantly improve their business without compromising the requirements of the regulatory bodies they have to comply with. Google have a showcase client which will demonstrate the significant benefits of their productivity applications. Anybody considering adopting cloud computing and wanting to know the benefits as well as the potential risks should consider attending Learning Tree’s Introduction to Cloud Computing course where we analyse the tools and products of the major cloud computing vendors and consider their applicability in a number of real world scenarios.

Chris Czarnecki

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